SecuredDocVaultOur Shared Document Vault is an online collaboration tool that allows for sharing of critical information that is necessary for solid decision making (available on demand 24 hours a day). It allows us to share information with your team at a moment’s notice to minimize the down time associated with many paper-based systems. Information is available at our clients’ fingertips to more efficiently make decisions about their portfolio. Terra Management Group can provide different levels of security depending on the clients needs. This service is available upon request.
ReceivershipServicesThe complexities and condition of the real estate industry have in many cases necessitated Terra Management Group’s involvement in the operation of an asset in the role of a receiver. Operating on behalf of the primary lien holder, often at the direction of the local Circuit Court, Terra Management Group is adept at transferring its operational and financial expertise into this complex role. Duties of the receiver often include, but are not limited to: due diligence as to the status of title, zoning, land use permits, negotiating with subordinate lienholders , associations, tenants and contractors to obtain reduced settlements, auditing, completion of infrastructure and unfinished improvements, full-scope management of an asset's financial, operational, and municipal obligations. Terra Management Group’s collective knowledge, skills and abilities allow us to partner with lending institutions, asset owners, and lien holders to preserve, protect and improve an asset's value through the receivership process.
PurchaseSaleUpon receiving third-party offers to purchase the property or portions thereof, Terra Management Group makes recommendations to the client and assists in the negotiations in an effort to consummate the sale of the property. Although our team recommends keeping the Purchase and Sale Agreement transaction structure simple whenever possible, sometimes it cannot be done with certain complex real estate assets.  However, given our team's vast experience in handling numerous complex purchase and sale transactions, we are able to eliminate many unnecessary delays in negotiating a mutually acceptable Purchase and Sale Agreement between the client and prospective buyer. Once a fully executed agreement is in place, Terra Management Group will continue to monitor all contractual obligation requirements until closing.
MarketingProgramTerra Management Group prepares and implements all necessary marketing programs and comprehensive marketing materials for the disposition of the property.  We also prepare detailed marketing materials for other qualified real estate brokers to use in connection with soliciting offers on the property in an effort to broaden the property's market exposure. These materials may include express limits on broker commissions. Terra Management Group controls the proper flow of detailed marketing information to prospective buyers and brokers. Additionally, our firm requires participating brokers to register their prospective buyers through a Registration Agreement to minimize misunderstandings with respect to broker representation and commissions.

DevAnalysisOnce Terra Management Group’s team of professionals has completed its market study, we prepare a detailed proforma cash flow analysis to determine the most probable sales/purchase price of the asset. This analysis shows a range of values based on different absorption projections, product pricing, and various required rates of return to reflect similar returns required for similar-type property.